UAffiliates – One of the best Affiliate Programs!

Benefit from the high presence on the Internet

UAffiliates is a affiliate program for a world famous casino. With a partner program you can register as a member and benefit from the numerous advantages. These benefits provide you as a partner with a revenue share. Of course, you do not get that involvement by itself. You have to do something for it.

But first, you should learn more about the UAffiliates program. Then you can sign up and get started. The partnership in this affiliate program is well worth it for those who travel a lot and frequently on the Internet. If you own a domain or have an account in a social network that enjoys high traffic, then you can definitely make a profit with a partnership.

You do not have to invest any financial resources for a successful partnership. You will usually get everything you need from UAffiliate on the site and can easily incorporate the links. It will not be difficult to support this affiliate program. Of course you can also register as a private person.

It is important that you read through all relevant and then decide whether UAffiliate comes into question for you. You can tell if a partnership is worthwhile and decide for yourself when to sign up. It is good, however, if you look immediately, what this partner can offer you everything.

The Advantages

  • The advantages are apparent. You soon become part of the big 888 Casino and we’re promoting it.
  • You have two different ways to become 888 Affiliates. There are CPA plans or revenue sharing.
  • Both programs are performance incentives for you.
  • There is also an extra plan for you. This is called sub-partnership.
  • Your minimum income does not have to be very high. He is endowed with 100 euros or US dollars.
  • You can have your payouts made either in Euros or US Dollars.
  • The software platform is comprehensive and gives you every opportunity to keep track of your profits.

The Disadvantage

  • US players can not benefit from the program.
  • There is a negative takeover in the following month.
  • There is a pooling of your profits.
  • Withdrawals may take up to 30 days.
  • Payouts are made exclusively to your Neteller or Skrill account.

Who is UAffiliates?

UAffiliates supports the 888 casinos. That means you’re not just working for a casino, but a big group. However, this group enjoys a lot of popularity, so it should not be difficult for you to advertise positively. The leading brands in this group are 888 Casino itself and Casino on Net. There are commissions for you and the company UAffiliates can now look forward to more than 10 years on the market.

The Commissions

You can either complete a CPA plan or simply choose a Revenue Sharing method. These are the commission plans available to you. Revenue Share is the net revenue that the players catch up to which your players reach. It is important that these players have been recruited by you. Nevertheless, it can also lead to a performance graduation.

Your negative earnings can be taken over in the following month. You have to balance this minus first. You get a minus if the players you have recruited earn too much. Unfortunately, you have no control over this and can only compensate for UAffiliates when you recruit new members.

Another option is a CPA plan. You must specifically ask UAffiliates for this. Even tenacity can pay off.

Sub-Partnership with UAffiliates

A sub-partnership is a revenue share that awaits you when you recruit new members as UAffiliates. Of course you can also earn very well and it is optimal that this possibility is offered. So, if you’re promoting members who want to become affiliates, then you can earn money by hiring new members for the casino.

Payment Options and Details

Payments are made monthly. However, it can take some time for the money to end up in your account. You have to be patient for up to 30 days. In addition, it is important that you can apply for a payout of $ 100 or more. Furthermore, the payouts are only instructed on Skrill or Neteller accounts.

Software from UAffiliates

A good program like UAffiliates needs a software that is easy to use and provides a good overview. That’s exactly what you are offered here. You can see all the activity and see how your recruited members behave.

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