Self-Employment with Casino Affiliate Programs!

Business start-up: From legal form to tax law, what you have to pay attention to

With the Internet you have many opportunities to self-employment and make money. Such a possibility offer for example Casino Affiliate programs in the connection with the GAPVO cloud software.

But before you can earn even a single euro with Casino Affiliate Programs, you have to start a small business. But it is not enough just to apply for a trade license. Here you have to pay attention to a lot, so it works with the independence too. On what you have to consider everything here when starting in the self-employed, you can learn below.

Self-Employment must be carefully considered and planned

Thinking about being self-employed with a company, with a start-up, is a great thing. After all, then you are your own boss and depending on your personal life statement, it can also be the way out of unemployment. And of course a self-employed person also earns a lot of money, at least in theory.

Before embarking on a self-employment with casino affiliate programs, consider this step well. Alone the term “self-employed” already reveals where the journey is going. Self-employment requires “self” and “constant” economic activity. To earn money you have to provide a service. In practice, this means that you have to have not only the absolute will, but also the technical know-how.

Self-employment sounds easy, so you just have to register a trade. But as simple as that sounds, doing it on your own in reality is not.

More than just business

Certainly, on the way to becoming a self-employed company, registering the business with the competent trade office is a decisive milestone. But until you reach this milestone, you have to know, for example, about the form of self-employment. For example, do you want to be self-employed as a sideline or do you want to take full risks and want to become self-employed full-time?

Especially if you want to become self-employed full-time, you have to clarify a variety of questions for yourself. After all, you have to continue to live on something, pay rent, his car and insurance. Of course, it also depends on whether you have a family or ongoing financial obligations such as house financing.

Here you have to ask yourself the question, do you have enough money on the side to be able to bridge the initial period of self-employment? Or do I already have a potential customer for my suitable business idea? Alternatively, of course, offers the self-employed also part-time, in addition to the actual main job. But you have to keep in mind that the management of the main job must agree with this. After all, you owe it to your full job.

But before you can take the step into self-employment, but you have to think about how the future company should look like? This is about the legal form. So you have the choice between a sole proprietorship, between a civil law company, but also corporations such as an entrepreneurial company (UG) or a GmbH. To name the common legal forms of companies.

Advantages and disadvantages of the legal forms

Each of the legal forms has its benefits and benefits. For example, a sole proprietorship is not associated with start-up costs and costs. But you are liable for everything that happens, even with all his assets. The same applies to the Civil Law Society, which also requires a partner.

The situation is different for a corporation such as the Unternehmergesellschaft and the GmbH. On the one hand, there is a greater obligation of documentation, since one has to explain the financial situation to the registry court each year. Also, the foundation is associated with a financial outlay because it requires, among other things, a notary. But the liability is limited exclusively to the assets of the company.

But you have to keep in mind, when establishing a GmbH you have to pay at least 25,000 euros. In a business company (UG), it is at least one Euro at the start, then in terms of percentage depending on sales. Until ultimately also the minimum sum of 25,000 euros for a corporation is reached. Of course, the legal form of self-employment that is suitable for you always depends on what kind of risk you want. In other words, is one willing to accept his private fortune for the debts of his company?

This is understood under free professions

If you have clarified the legal form, you can make his business registration. Surely some readers will now think, there are also the liberal professions. The liberal professions include, for example, the writer, the doctor or the lawyer. The advantage in the liberal professions compared to the trade, on the one hand the tax.

In the liberal professions, for example, there is no trade tax. Moreover, one is not a “forced member” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Where such a membership sounds worse than it ultimately is. The membership fee will be charged based on turnover. Whether one falls under his occupation under the trade or under the free occupations, is always dependent on the individual case.

Here, the tax office and the commercial authorities decide where the company must be registered. Even after this question you can not work independently. Because now you have to clarify the tax side. After all, the tax office would also like to get rid of the cake while doing it on its own.

When Self-Employed do not forget the tax office!

With the tax side one must explain, how one wants to be taxed in the future. This is because, before self-employed people have a choice between regular taxation or taxation as a small business. If you want to take advantage of the small business rules, then you can make here up to 17,500 euros in sales a year.

On his bills one does not show sales tax of, for example, 19 percent, but the pure invoice amount. Also, one has by the use of Kleinunternehmerregelng a simplification in the tax return, so here is sufficient as an investment to the income tax a simple statement of income and surplus.

But this simplification also has its disadvantage. The fact that you do not levy sales tax, you may not pay any sales tax. If, for example, you buy office equipment right at the start of your self-employment, you can deduct the sales tax incurred here against the tax office accordingly. This is not possible when using the small business regulation.

Allowance for trade tax and standard taxation

Further taxes are not due, not even the trade tax. Even if you have registered a business and the small business rules, you do not have to pay a trade tax. This has the simple background, with the trade tax there is a so-called free allowance. That’s a certain amount that you can earn for free without incurring a penny in taxes.

With the business tax this is currently at 24,500 euros per year. However, since you can achieve a maximum of € 17,500 in small business regulation, you are far from this limit. Therefore, it is virtually uninteresting, especially when using the small business rules, whether you are a commercial or self-employed person. If you decide to become self-employed for standard taxation, then you normally declare your sales tax here.

The bedetuet one points out on its bills the 19 percent. In the first year you have to submit monthly reports to the tax office about the income and expenditure. This is of course associated with a corresponding effort. You also have to make appropriate payments. Here you have the choice between the actual taxation or the advance taxation. In the latter case, you pay sales tax on an estimated sales you get. With the actual taxation one pays only the accumulating value added tax, which one has also collected.

From the explanatory effort in the tax documents, there are big differences to the small business rules. Of course, in the case of standard taxation, too, the trade tax only arises by making use of the aforementioned allowance.

Self-Employment: health insurance and pension insurance?

If the question of taxation is clarified, the self-employed is completed. You can now act accordingly. Finally, a few hints. The described here is limited to the official effort before becoming self-employed. Ultimately, however, the effort is much greater. This concerns for example the health insurance.

As a self-employed person you have to take care of your health insurance yourself. Here you have to know, there is a duty to health insurance in Germany. This also applies to self-employed, you have to insure accordingly. Here one has either the choice between a voluntary membership in the statutory health insurance or in the private health insurance. Here there are big performance differences, but also differences in costs.

And you should not be fooled. If you leave the statutory health insurance, you have only one year to become a member again. And what about the retirement age? This is also part of a successful self-employed, to take care of this question. Here you have the choice between private options or statutory pension insurance, as a voluntary member.

Especially if you decide for the statutory pension insurance, you should start early with corresponding deposits. So that the idle times are not so long.

Use the self-employment, the possibility of counseling

As you can see from these comments, you have to consider a lot of points when doing it yourself. It’s more than just signing up for a business, setting up a website and social media, and getting started with casino affiliate programs.

If you are unsure what the right path is, you should seek professional help. For example, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry offer corresponding start-up seminars that cover all the points mentioned in the article in great detail. In addition, there is also the possibility of accompaniment on the way to independence. Because of problems or questions, it can come on the way to independence at any time.

Now it’s up to you. To get started with GAPVO Affiliate Marketing, try our 14-day standard subscription for free!

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