RP Affiliates - Easily Generate Money Online!

50% extra earnings in the first two months

Do you know the casino area? Online casinos are still in vogue and everyone wants to join. Be it to pass the time or just have fun. A casino is always a good choice. You do not necessarily have to play for money there either. There are various ways to satisfy his play instinct. This is about the RP Affiliates.

This simply means that it is a partner program for the online casino Royal Panda. What benefits membership brings you, of course, we want to say. In addition, it is not just about the benefits, but also about the disadvantages. It is always important that you know what you are doing with an RP affiliate. So you will learn what it means to do something yourself. The partnership makes sense and will pay off for you.

So you can definitely try it. As Royal Panda Affiliates you have various options available. It’s just that you not only learn a lot there, but also know what you are getting into. The partnership will mean a lot to you and you can use it to accomplish many goals. So just try it or stay here and read on. Because we have found a lot for you.

The Benefits of RP Affiliates

  • This Casino Affiliate Program only advertises a casino. It’s about the Royal Panda Casino. There you can become a Royal Panda Affiliate. All you have to do is sign up and register on the site to become an affiliate.
  • There is a lifetime commission for you.
  • An introductory option is also possible. This means that you earn 50% extra in the first two months and you can achieve your goals faster.
  • There is no bundling due to the fact that there is only one casino to promote. So you do not have to worry about showing a wide segment.
  • CPAs are also possible for you. This is possible for manual or individual permits.
  • Negative Carryover will not be carried over to the next month. So if such a case occurs, then you do not have to worry that you have to compensate him first. You will definitely be the winner.
  • It is also positive that there is a low payout limit.
  • The partners do not have to pay administration fees. This means there is no hidden cost or trap for you when you sign up.
  • It is also important that commissions are paid after 20 days at the latest. While this is not a fast payout, it is certain that you will receive and receive your commissions.
  • The software is also very good. Because it is provided by NetRefer. Of course, you also need an interface through which you can view all processes and that’s what this provider offers.


  • The commissions are paid exclusively in euros.
  • Both payouts and commissions are paid out on net sales and that too is rather bad for you. Because you can lose money like that.

What is RP Affiliates exactly?

RP Affiliates also means Royal Panda Affiliates. This is the affiliate program of this online casino that will prove to you that it is easy to generate money online. It is also about advertising for the online casino. Only this casino with marketing material will be advertised. So you do not take any risks and you do not have to monitor multiple accounts if you want to earn money. You can rely on a partner who has been working on the market for a long time. He has not only built a reputation, but can also hold this.

In addition, the Royal Panda Casino welcomes many new members every day. With a partnership, you can recruit and earn new members when making deposits at the casino. You can also become active here as a member. If you want that, we can tell you that the Royal Panda Casino is waiting for you. These are cross-platform. However, US players can not gamble at Royal Panda Casino. The government of Malta has licensed the casino.

Important to the commission

It takes into account the net sales for the commissions (Net Revenue). This means that while this commissions base is the gross revenue of the recruited players, several fees are deducted from it. For you, this means that you have to expect deductions, such as operating costs and various transactions fraudulent nature. In addition, the gross revenue (Revenue Share) also taxed something and you have to expect deductions that are due.

Especially in the first two months, it’s about getting a good reputation. You really are not given anything as RP Affiliates and that should be clear to you. You get a high commission rate in the first two months. This will encourage you to achieve good results and get you started. Of course, this commission does not last. After two months, they classify you. You can climb a kind of staircase here and show that you have learned something. It is also important that you get the partner commission you have earned here. There is even a bonus if you get many players to register at the online casino. The commissions you always get for life. That means you can not lose them again.

Actually, all terms as Casino Affiliates are in your best interests. It’s always like that, that you will win. You also do not have to worry about losing you. Because you will not take over your negative balance in the next month.

There is also a CPA program for you. Here you get a one-time fee and no lifelong commission. But to participate in this program, you have to do something with Royal Panda.


There is the possibility of a partner program for sub-partners. Here you can recruit members who then bring new partners to the casino.

RP Affiliates has very good payment options

Your commissions are paid out quickly and you do not have to wait long for the payout. It is paid out with payment service providers, such as Skrill and Neteller. Also bank transfer – bank transfer is possible.

Payment is always in euros. The commissions are always paid on time.

What software is used by RP Affiliates?

RP Affiliates has the NetRefer software in their program. This means that as an RP affiliate, you can always keep an eye on everything and monitor your account at all times. As an RP Affiliate, you can always keep everything under control.