Financial Freedom with the GAPVO Cloud Service!

Reach financial freedom and independence with GAPVO.

You have dealt with the topic of financial independence? You are interested in online casinos? Then you have surely come to the mind, making money online. What sounds too good to be true has become a reality today. With GAPVO as cloud service, which provides you with a turnkey casino gaming website including clear tools, you are free to no longer be financially dependent. Thus, financial freedom and independence can be achieved.

How does GAPVO work?

First of all you have to create your own Casino Affiliate Website via GAPVO. This will be equipped with your own logo, a description and different widgets (components of a graphical window system). With own marketing measures and strategies you make sure that your website is visited actively and gives you financial freedom. You can achieve this with the help of paid advertisements, social media or search engine optimization (SEO).

The users of your website have the opportunity to try out casino games completely free of charge and without restriction. With hundreds of different games, the choice is very broad. Access to these casino providers is made possible through lists and banners on your website.

If the visitor is willing to play for real money, then this is possible at any time by clicking on an online casino or on an advertising banner. If he does that, you benefit from it. If a visitor is registered at an online casino and plays for real money, you will receive a commission directly from this casino. This type of payment ensures you a passive or scalable income.

Casino affiliate programs from GAPVO

To actually make money online, you must keep an eye out for the available casino affiliate programs. GAPVO has a list of online casino programs. The online casino programs listed there were selected and checked by GAPVO according to strict criteria. You can access the list of GAPVO at any time.

Unlimited engagement is required to earn money with an online casino affiliate program and active work on your part. For financial freedom, you must always be able to provide services yourself. And you have to know that the financial freedom is an endurance sport and consists of hard work. Online casinos like to rely on affiliate programs to consolidate and promote their business model and their status in the online world.

Only under the circumstance that you as a partner generate a player, the online casino pays you a commission and gives you thereby financial freedom. The player must visit the online casino through the marketing channels you set up so that the commission is paid out to you.

It depends on the partner program, when and how much commissions are paid out to the affiliate partner. This determines how the path for financial freedom is shaped.

One possibility of the commission is the fixed commission (CPA). Here, the affiliate is paid a fixed commission amount. The cost of player generation is taken into account at the time the player completes the sign-up process and makes a deposit at the casino.

Other partners use the so-called revenue sharing method (RevShare). As an affiliate, you receive a certain percentage of the revenue that the online casino generates through you.

Since online casino affiliate programs are lucrative for you as well as for the online casino itself, they are used by all online casinos, bringing you one step closer to the goal of financial freedom.

How to proceed in terms of affiliate program?

It is important that you think carefully about which partner program fits best with your goals. You have to take that decision into your own hands, as you are responsible for your financial freedom.

With the right choice of partner program for you, you ensure that you actually achieve your financial goals by taking money.

GAPVO makes this step as comfortable as possible. You already have the choice of affiliate programs rated safe and reliable by GAPVO, between which you can decide freely. This will pave the way for your financial freedom.

Further information on the individual partner programs can be found in the user area of ​​GAPVO. This makes it easier for you to choose between the various affiliate programs.

There are usually a variety of affiliate programs with different casino brands. In such affiliate programs, the players and all their earnings from the different casino brands are housed in a so-called bundle. Keep in mind that this may be to your detriment and endanger financial freedom.

For example, if your commission is positive at one casino, but you have a negative amount at another casino, these amounts will be netted. As a result, you would obtain a smaller amount of money than the high commission. If the negative commission share is even higher than the positive, you will not get paid.

It is therefore an advantage for financial freedom to use a partner program without a bundling directive.

How does the negative balance affect your financial independence?

Apart from the problem of bundling, negative transmissions can be a stumbling block that you should avoid. If you have recruited a player who has used a sum of money that he loses completely while playing, no problems arise.

You get a certain percentage of this money as a commission, the online casino the rest. However, if the player deposits a sum of money while playing and also wins money, this results in a negative balance on your partner account.

If you are integrated in a partner program that transfers the negative balance to the following month, a bad month will keep you occupied in the coming, possibly good-running months.

Other affiliate programs use the so-called “No Negative Carryover” policy. This policy ensures that regardless of the negative balance of the previous month, you can start the next month with zero euros again. With these affiliate programs you can work towards your goal of financial freedom.

The payment models in a quick overview

You certainly find it very important to know about the payment models in the affiliate programs.

The respective payment model varies and depends on the payment methods that the respective online casino dictates. There are two possible methods.

On the one hand, the “revenue-sharing model” is offered. This term means revenue sharing. As an affiliate, you will receive a percentage of your total winnings from the online casino.

On the other hand, there are also affiliate programs where you have a fixed commission.

Even hybrid programs as a combination of the two models mentioned above are possible to create the basis of scalable income.

The RevShare model and the CPA model in comparison

In order to achieve high returns as an affiliate as effectively as possible and to be quick financially free, you should deal with the commission models CPA (Cost Per Action) and RevShare (Revenue Share). As a rule, you can not freely decide which model you would like to have. You should consider this in the selection of the affiliate program.

On the basis of the CPA model, you will receive a commission for each player. The commission payment to you will be due only when the player has made a deposit.

The RevShare model ensures you a revenue share. If the player loses a sum of money while playing, you will receive from the total profit of the online casino the revenue share you are entitled to as commission. The revenue share can be up to sixty percent of the total profit.

Conclusion for your financial freedom

Once you have explored the facets of GAPVO and the activity of the affiliate, the way is clear to generate residual income and achieve the goal of financial independence. You have it in your own hands, what you make of it. Decide wisely and achieve financial freedom!

Now it’s up to you. To get started with GAPVO now, try our 14-day standard subscription for free!

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