Plain Partners – Affiliate Program with a good reputation!

45% Revenue Share and 10% for Sub-Affiliates

Plain Partners is a so-called Affiliate Program. It’s a partnership that you can earn by earning from a commission model.

Of course it is important and significant that you do something for it. So you have to become a partner before you can benefit from Affiliate Marketing at Plain Partners. However, your tasks are not all-encompassing, as is often assumed. Many people shy away from it because they assume that this is a major occupation. That’s not the case.

This is an activity that you can do on a part-time basis and where you can earn well the more links you make. So you can profit from it and earn cash. But you need to know how it all works and what you have to do to make the partnership successful.

This depends on a good strategy. The monitoring of your earned commissions you do on the platform itself. You will get access to the member area after logging in and can look around there in peace and quiet. There must be links from you. A GAPVO affiliate website is an advantage. No matter what you do on the internet, if you travel frequently here, a partnership is worthwhile. But first we want to tell you more about Plain Partners.

The benefits of a partnership

  • The commissions that you earn, you get for life.
  • No negative balances are transferred. That is, after a new month, negative balances are cleared and you do not have to compensate.
  • A sub-partner plan is available in two stages.
  • The minimum payout limit is endowed with 10 euros and that is more than low.
  • If you want to make your payments as a transfer, then you must have earned at least 100 euros.
  • For commissions you will not be charged any administration fees.
  • The software is provided to you by the Egass platform. This is currently one of the fastest growing platforms.

Disadvantages of Plain Partners

  • There are no CPA or alternative commission plans to choose from. You only have one plan.
  • Monthly revenue is channeled across all brands. There is a bundling.
  • The duration of the payouts can be up to 20 days.
  • The commissions are paid to you exclusively in euros. There are no other currencies. However, this can be overturned by a manager when you make a request.

What is Plain Partners?

Plain Partners does not just work for an online casino. There is a whole group of casinos affiliated with this affiliate and you benefit from several affiliate partnership opportunities. This provider is governed by the laws of Costa Rica and players from the United States are not allowed. Since 2011, this provider already exists. He has earned a good reputation over time.

To the commissions

Plain Partners was actually VJ Affiliates. As a partner, you can look forward to a lifetime commission. You can request a multi-level sales plan. The basis for all sales is always the net sales of the players recruited by you. Different costs are deducted. However, you do not have to pay administration fees. It is good that negative sales will not be taken over in the following month.

The site offers you only a single commission plan.

Sub-Affiliate Program

Even such a program may be ideal for you. Because this is another way to earn money. You earn new members on Plain Partners when these players recruit.

Plain Partners payment methods

The payments are always made on time. Within 20 days of the end of the month, you can expect a payment to your account. Importantly, it’s good to have an account with one of the casinos Plain Partners promotes. Because then you can transfer the money directly to this account and have it transferred from there to your payment method. In addition, it is possible that you can also be paid by bank transfer.

If you have earned 10 Euro commissions, then you can transfer them to your player account. A transfer is only possible from 100 euros. You need to consider and know this at Plain Partners. In addition, it is important that you take over your positive sales in the following month. So you can also save commissions and get paid out, for example, before Christmas or other holidays to supplement your cash.

For commissions, Euro is the default currency on Plain Partners. If you want a different currency, you can submit a request in writing.


The software used offers many different possibilities. The Egass platform serves as a basis. There you can monitor all commissions.

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