Lapalingo Affiliate - Create a passive income!

Learn how to start as a Lapalingo affiliate

Lapalingo is not just an online casino where you can fully enjoy yourself as a player. There is also the possibility to become a Lapalingo affiliate. This online casino offers a comprehensive portal to players all over the world. The online casino games are all licensed and there is the opportunity to gamble casino games.

The security is also ensured by the casino registered in Malta. As an affiliate you can participate in the extensive affiliate program. Then you are a Lapalingo affiliate who can earn money. This casino is operated by Rabbit Entertainment based in Malta. The casino games should give you satisfaction. And of course you should be able to satisfy your play instinct in the online casino.

All you can do when you sign up. But even better, if you become an affiliate of Lapalingo and what awaits you, we do not want to withhold it. You should know everything so that you can quickly register for optimal conditions. We would now like to briefly discuss the pros and cons of the casino. So read on if you want to know more about the affiliate program.


  • There is no negative carryover as a Lapalingo affiliate.
  • There is no bundling because you work exclusively for this casino as a partner.
  • The selection of payment methods is enormous, compared to other casino partnerships.
  • There is no minimum payout threshold and so you can also withdraw smaller amounts.
  • There are no withdrawal restrictions for you.


  • Unfortunately, no sub-affiliates are possible.
  • Payments are made exclusively in euros.

What is Lapalingo Affiliate?

This is an official casino affiliate program that is used solely for marketing purposes. The Lapalingo Casino is cross-platform. You can actually get to know it all and act as a player if you have a browser on a device. It is also interesting that there is an app. On the site itself you can play games from all known providers.
You can register yourself as a Lapalingo affiliate or as a player. Both variants are conceivable. The games on the site are provided by NetEnt, Microgaming and Real Time Gaming. In addition, there are other providers who are represented on Lapalingo. It is worthwhile to stop by and get to know everyone better. The site should also be explored by you regarding a partnership. It is worth noting that the Affiliate Partnership is governed by the laws of Malta.


For you as a teammate there is a commission plan. This is standard on Lapalingo. The structure is industry-standard multi-level. You earn a pre-determined percentage of the player’s revenue. It goes without saying that you only earn when you recruited players. These players must sign up for Lapalingo and actively participate. It is also important that your percentage is subject to net sales.

You can recruit players and earn money as a Lapalingo affiliate. The partnership is important for those who want to earn money safely. But it is significant that you introduce as many players as possible to Lapalingo. You already earn from a player. However, if you get more than one player to sign up for Lapalingo, your commission will be even higher. You can secure a regular monthly income with it.

The more players choose the casino, the higher you go up the ladder of success. So you can climb the stairs and earn more.

This affiliate program available to you as a Lapalingo affiliate is always an advantage. There is no negative carryover and thus the negative earnings are canceled every month. Thus you do not lose money with this partner and must bring no compensation. There is no bundling either. This can be found in many other partnerships.

A sub partnership does not exist at Lapalingo Affiliate either.


If you have been accepted as a Lapalingo affiliate, then you can choose which payment method is suitable for you. Bankruptcies are available for you next to Skrill and Neteller. If you are a passionate gambler yourself, then you can also transfer the payouts to your player account. The earned commissions you get in euros. There is no minimum payout threshold and so you can rebook small amounts as well. In addition, there are no minimum withdrawal restrictions as a Lapalingo affiliate.

The Software

As a partner of Lapalingo you get access to your own account. This will allow you to see all statistics and see what your recruited members are doing. The software is provided by NetRefer.

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