Karamba Partners – Learn the pros and cons of the program!

Start with a CPA, Revenue Share or Hybrid Plan

Karamba Partners is a partner program for a variety of casinos. However, there is no bundling or staggering here and that is always an advantage for you.

You should not only know the advantages, but also disadvantages in this partner program. The disadvantages, however, are not as bad as one would expect. Overall, it is best for you to opt for this affiliate program because you can make money from it. In principle, it is true that you should definitely do something if you are thrilled by a casino and you want others to be interested in it.

You’re not just showing friends or acquaintances, these casinos, but you’re part of the big picture. It’s so easy to do something good today and that’s what you can do when you become a Karamba affiliate. There are different possibilities. Read on, if you want to know more.


  • The commissions are not bundled at Karamba Partners.
  • There are several plans you can take part in. For a CPA plan, revenue sharing and a hybrid plan. All are good and may be suitable for you.
  • There is also a sub-affiliate program.
  • Payouts are made from small amounts. You should have earned a minimum of 100 Euros in order to receive a payout.
  • You can have the commissions paid out in multiple currencies. So it works for Karamba Partners more than just Euro.


  • Unfortunately, negative amounts will be taken over the next month.
  • You can also lose if your members earn too much.

Who exactly is Karamba Partners?

It is a provider for a partner program for various well-known casinos. This includes, for example, the Karamba Casino or NeoGames Casino. This partner has good conditions for you. Unfortunately, there are in the variety of good features but also disadvantages that you should know. We’ll keep it up. The company has been defeated and licensed under the laws of Malta. It has been operating on the market since 2005 and can therefore draw on many years of experience.

Commission Details

There are several ways for you to become a partner to this company. It is important that you can be sure, if you inform yourself of course thoroughly. If you pay attention, you can get a good reputation here. Unfortunately, the commissions are not paid out so quickly. Nevertheless, there are several payment methods and these are also safe and known.

Unfortunately, your negative posts will be taken over the next month. You must balance a balance first, before you can continue to earn money with it. You also need to know what kind of partnership you want to have with Karamba Partners. you should pay attention to quality and always. But that is the case here. You can see the different species directly after signing up.

It is important that you often can not decide which system you use. You have to earn a good reputation. The more members you advertise in the first month that sign up for the online casino, the better your commission will be. It pays off, if you look closely, what kind of partnership you take.


There are sub-partnerships. Here you will be offered two different systems. Take a close look at the page and then you can decide on the sub-partnerships.

Payment Details

Payouts are made in multiple currencies. If you have requested a payment, this will usually be done within 30 days. A payout should definitely be considered. This period is too long for many members and you do not want to take it on yourself. But it’s still worth it. If you do not want to be paid in euros, then this option is for you. Make sure that you observe and obey everything.

Software from Karamba Partners

Die Software ist übersichtlich und leicht verständlich. Du kannst Statistiken abrufen und dir alles wichtige anzeigen lassen. So kannst du auch die Aktivitäten deiner geworbenen Mitglieder auf Karamba Partners schnell erkennen.

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