How to make 1000 dollars fast?

The gambling industry is one of the industries where the highest commissions are paid. A few hundred dollars are earned there relatively quickly. If you do it right. I’ll show you, how to make 1000 dollars fast!

I would like to try to give you an idea with two examples. By default, there are two compensation models at online casinos, so two examples.

The first is the CPA model

Here you will be paid a commission per player. You will not receive the compensation until the player has made a deposit. For example, a CPA could be $50. CPA’s of $250 is already possible today.

GAPVO - 888 Casino CPA-Model
Example for CPA Model:

If 20 casino players make a deposit each month, and your CPA is only $50, you would receive 1000 dollars as commission.

20 depositing players X 50 dollars CPA =  1000 dollars passive income.

The second is the RevShare model

RevShare means Revenue Share. Let’s say a player loses 100 dollars and you have a RevShare of 30% at this online casino. So you will be credited $30 as commission. RevShares up to 60% are not uncommon in the online casino industry.

GAPVO - 888 Casino RevShare Table
RevShare List of - * Once you reach the next tier, all revenue will be calculated at the higher tier level.
Example for RevShare:

If 20 casino players deposit only 100 dollars a month, that makes 2000 dollars. Let’s assume that the players completely lose this $2000. And I have to say, that’s very often the case. With a RevShare of 30%, you would receive $600 as commission.

20 players depositing 100 dollars X 30% RevShare = 600 dollars passive income.

The remuneration sounds less at first than with the CPA model. But it is not because the players are not gone yet. When these casino players deposit and play money again, the same thing happens again. You continuously earn a commission from the online casino.

Now you have earned commission from the online casino, but how quickly do you get that credited to your bank account?

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