Ad-Banner Widget

Here's why you should learn why you should use the Ad-Banner Widget and how it works.

Why should you use banner ads?

With banners you have the opportunity to inform your visitors about current bonus offers and promotions. It is an additional chance to animate your visitors to the real money game.

Online casinos offer a wealth of bonus offers, real money winnings, promotions, prizes and much more.

Once a visitor clicks on an ad banner and registers, it will be linked to your affiliate account at the respective online casino and depending on the commission model, you will benefit from it for a lifetime.

What is the prerequisite for using Ad-Banner Widget?

To use the ad banner, you must have subscribed to either the standard subscription or the premium subscription. The starter subscription does not offer the banner ad widget.

In order to use banner ads, you need to set up a GAPVO website and link at least one online casino.
You can only publish banner ads for which you have also linked an online casino.

Can I display banners country-specific?

Yes, you can specify when configuring the banner ads in which countries you want to display it. In addition, you can also categorize by language.

Which banner formats can I use?

Currently you can use GIF, PNG and JPG in the following dimensions: 468×60, 728×90, 160×600, 300×250

Where are the banner ads displayed?

Banners are displayed on GAPVO affiliate websites in various places. It depends on which theme you have selected for your website.

Advertising banners are displayed on the homepage, game detail pages and other pages. But not all banner dimensions are used for every website theme.

More information can be found in the website theme specifications.

Do you want to add banner ads to your GAPVO website?

You will find a step by step guide in our documentation or use the direct link.