Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. The FAQ's are updated regularly!

Questions & Answers

How it works?

You can simply register and create your Casino Affiliate Website with just a few mouse clicks. With your own logo, description and many other possibilities you can customize your Website. That’s it!

Is the GAPVO service free?

Yes, you can create a Casino Affiliate Website with GAPVO’s free subscription package. In addition, you can upgrade your free subscription package and benefit from our extended services. Go to our homepage on prices.

How Do I earn money with GAPVO?

You get monthly commissions from the Online Casinos that you linked to your GAPVO Website.

What is an Affiliate-ID?

The Affiliate-ID is used in Affiliate Marketing to clearly identify an Affiliate. For example, the Affiliate-ID is used to assign clicks, leads or sales to the Affiliate concerned.

What is GAPVO?

GAPVO is a Cloud Service that allows you to create Casino Affiliate Websites with just a few clicks. Watch the GAPVO Video!

Why should I use GAPVO?

With GAPVO you can start immediately without wasting much money and time. Create your Casino Affiliate Website with just a few clicks! You can find even more reasons on our homepage.

What kind of people are using GAPVO?

Anyone can build an income with affiliate marketing. Whether full-time or part-time. Anyone who is willing to acquire new skills can promote online casinos and earn money online. The only thing you need is the will, the motivation and a little stamina!

I don't own a domain. Can I still use GAPVO?

Yes, you can also create a GAPVO Website without your own domain. Your Casino Affiliate Website will then run under a subdomain of GAPVO e.g.

Can I build more than one Website?

GAPVO is for those who want to start immediately with a turnkey Casino Affiliate Website. So for anyone who does not want to waste money or time.

How do I register with GAPVO?

To register at GAPVO, click here.

Where are all the cool Casino Games?

All Casinos Games are provided to us by our Affiliate Online Casinos. These Games are kept up-to-date by us and also published on your Casino Affiliate Website immediately.

What is Affiliate?

Affiliate can also translate with Partner Marketing. Affiliates advertise on their Websites the products and services of other companies and receive a commission for this.

Why do I need Games on my Website?

With current Games from different game manufacturers you give your visitors the opportunity to test Casino Games for free. At the same time you increase the time spent on your Website. And that has a positive effect on your ranking on the search engines. The length of stay is an important factor in search engines. (SEO optimization)

Do I have to be able to program?

No! You do not need programming skills. You can create your Casino Affiliate Website in a few clicks.

Can visitors play for real money?

No! All Casino Games on your Website can only be played with play money and are not playable with real money.

Is there a country restriction for Online Casinos?

Yes! Online Casinos can only open player accounts from certain countries. This depends on the licensing of the Casino. A list of country restrictions for each Online Casino is available in your admin area under Casinos.

Is there a country restriction for the Games on my Website?

Yes! Casino Games are just like Online Casinos limited in certain countries.

Who is Affiliate Marketing suitable for?

Anyone can build an income with Affiliate Marketing. Whether full-time or part-time. Anyone who is willing to acquire new skills can promote Online Casinos and earn money online. The only thing you need is the will, the motivation and a little stamina!

Can I add my own content to my Website?

Yes, you can add your own content to your Website. Content such as Casino Ratings or Casino Games Ratings or other content.

How about the ranking, if the content is the same on all websites?

You have the possibility to change the content for Games, Categories, Meta Data, etc.

Can I earn one hundred dollars a month?

As an online casino affiliate you can earn more than one hundred dollars a month. It always depends on how many visitors you have on your website. From a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars is not uncommon in the online casino industry.

Questions & Answers

Are Online Casinos Illegal?

No! Reputable Online Casinos equipped with a license submit to policies that regulate and control them by authorities. Online Casinos that are licensed are legal.

Do I have to register as a business?

From the wording in the law it is clear that you have to register for a regular profit-making intent a business.

How can I set a new password?

Go to your MY ACCOUNT in the Admin Area on the left and click CHANGE PASSWORD. There you must first enter your old password and then twice a new password.


Is my Website safe?

Your Casino Affiliate Website is hosted on our servers at AWS – Amazon Website Services and is secured with an SSL certificate. And it does not cost you a cent!

Questions & Answers

Where can I get help with my setup?

The setup of your Casino Affiliate Website is done in a few steps. Sign up, create a Website and integrate Online Casinos. If you need more help, you can check out our videos for setup or contact us directly.

Where is my website hosted?

Your Website is hosted on our fast and secure servers at AWS – Amazon Web Services and is available to you and your players worldwide.

Are the games restricted on my website?

No! We make sure that we only include Games in our portfolio that are in no way limited. The Casino Games are exactly the same ones that you can play at Online Casinos.

Are the subdomain names restricted?

Subdomain names may not contain special characters and consist only of “a-z A-Z 0-9”. Already assigned and also contained in our blacklist subdomain names can not be used.