EnergyPartners - Advantages and Disadvantages!

Get higher commissions for the first months

EnergyPartners is a special casino affiliate program. This has been on the market since 2013 and is intended exclusively for the Energy Casino. At Energy Casino you can sign up as a player. There are many online games available for multiple platforms. These include, for example, browser-based games or games that can be experienced in apps.


  • There are different commissions and separate agreements.
  • In the first two months, there is even a commission increase.
  • Special energy affiliate program for the sub-partners possible.
  • For recruited players, EnergyPartners has lifetime commissions.
  • Fast payouts.
  • Minimum payout threshold is low.
  • No Negative Carry Over.


  • Players from the US are not allowed.
  • Currencies can not be selected.


Members have several commission plans with EnergyPartners. It also gives access to tailor-made solutions and partner-specific compensation plans. You will be looked after by an Account Manager and gain access to the wide range Energy Marketing area.

New Affiliates Receive Revenue Share from EnergyPartners. In the first two months you can expect a raised share. There will then be a commission in the form of the net sales of your recruited players.

From the third month of your membership you will receive an offer for an agreement. Here’s how many new players you’ve recruited.

Furthermore, this fact determines how high your commission now fails. There is a multi-level system for this. As an Energy Affiliate, you receive a share of what your newly recruited players spend. In addition, a lifelong commission on your player’s revenue awaits you.

EnergyPartners can use CPA to attract plans, which is not bad for you. Because this is a commission on request and you earn a fixed rate, to every player who paid with real money and you have recruited.

If it happens that you have a negative balance, then this is not taken over in the next month. You must not balance this balance so that you continue to be entitled to commissions. Especially good is that there is only one casino for which you become an Affiliate Partner. Thus, no bundling takes place.

EnergyPartners - Sub-Affiliates

New affiliate partners can also be recruited. You will also earn from them depending on how good you are.

Payment Methods

The commissions are calculated at the end of the month. Everything goes automatically and you have nothing else to do. Payouts are made between the 1st and 14th of a month. You get paid commissions, if you have earned at least 100 euros. So, if you do not earn that amount in a month, it will not be lost but will be transferred to the next month.

The payment of your commission takes place with Skrill, Neteller and via bankwire in Euro. There are no administration fees.

Software for Statistics by EnergyPartners

Again, you are on the safe side. The software for the statistics come from the provider NetRefer. This shows you how your daily statistics are and you can also see your commissions there. Every day there are more updates to the players, clicks and visitors.

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