Use Email Marketing and promote affiliate programs!

Gain new customers and bind with Email Marketing

A passive income can inspire you? You are looking for a way to earn money with your hobby and to inspire like-minded people? With GAPVO you can easily create your own website as a casino affiliate and make it known by email marketing. The combination of the innovative GAPVO Cloud Software, the Casino Affiliate Program and Email Marketing pays off and brings you top commissions.

Own GAPVO Website AND Email Marketing as Casino Affiliate

Your GAPVO website is “turnkey” right after the creation and lets you start the business immediately. The creation of the casino site is very easy for you, even if you have never created a website or optimized it for SEO. At GAPVO you start directly with freely selectable and already completed layouts and only need to enter your own content.

In a few minutes you have your site as a casino affiliate realisierst, because everything is automated and without any prior knowledge is possible. Another advantage is the maintenance-free use. The sites are up-to-the-minute, visually appealing and 100% secure, as the servers are in Germany and all data is encrypted, of course.

Another plus point of GAPVO is the fact that your Casino Affiliate Site opens on all devices – regardless of the display size – and conveys the content you have created to interested customers. Now you just have to win customers and opt for a colorful marketing mix including email marketing.

The Recipe for success: win new customers and bind with email marketing

The basis for successful and even possible email marketing is the email address your visitors leave with you. If you use a mail marketing software and create interesting content, the email contacts literally fly you into the house and you do not have to ask long for the order of the newsletter or an entry in your list.

Once you have chosen a vendor, you can use various e-mail marketing tools for the automation of e-mail marketing for free. I use the email marketing software from AWeber. With this provider, you are on the safe side in the online casino industry. It all starts with a heavy start, and even if you have only one person on your list at the beginning, it will not take long and you will be followed by a diverse and enthusiastic audience and bring you money.

It is important that you formulate the call to action in such a way that your visitors can not resist and make the profit-profitable click. Attention: For the delivery of emails you need the consent of your customers. For this purpose you use the double opt procedure offered via mail clients and move thereby on legally secure ground.

Advertising e-mails without the prior consent of the recipient turn against privacy and can cause you a lot of trouble. If a customer has given his consent and provided you with his email address, you can sit back and announce at regular intervals new information via email.

Which topics are suitable for Email Marketing?

Among all types of emails, content marketing is the focus. High-quality content will appeal to your target audience and make you interested in sharing your messages in social media and visiting your GAPVO website yourself. In online marketing, you should take all the options and at best collect email addresses through your social media account AND through your GAPVO website.

Innovative email clients help you with this and your own creativity in the formulation of the subject excludes that your email marketing slips into the SPAM filter and is not read by your customers. Let us now turn to the topics that are suitable for email marketing and are interesting in the acquisition of new customers.

The latest games

You can send marketing e-mails to the latest games. You are always up to date and therefore have the opportunity to be one step ahead of other Casino Affiliates. Games are best suited that you already know and describe with your own words – and describe the game experience. Even casino game announcements are ideal topics for your email marketing. At Facebook & Co. you make a short announcement and points out to your visitors that there is more information by email.

Top casino games and own recommendations

Just as new games are the top games in your favorite casinos. Particularly popular and success-oriented in email marketing are their own recommendations that are based on reality and show your customers that you have worked intensively with the subject matter. If you play a top game yourself and describe for example tricks and tricks for the optimal gameplay in email marketing, you’ll get even more success in your business and even more email addresses in no time.

New casinos

New casinos are also an issue that is perfect for email marketing. You can easily connect promotional emails with information about a new casino with the announcement of bonuses and promotions or offers after the opening. Successful affiliate marketers keep their eyes and ears open. If you follow this principle and have created a basis for personalized email marketing in advance, you are well equipped for success and an attractive passive income.

Bonuses, offers and promotions

When it comes to bonuses and explicit offers from a casino, email marketing is an optimal strategy for conveying the information. In order to be truly personalized, you can divide your collected mail addresses into groups and, for example, note who has come to you via which casino affiliate page.

Because at GAPVO you can create not just one, but several casino websites and connect them together in one account. Back to the topic: Bonus offers are always well received and should already make you feel like opening the email in the subject of Email Marketing. If you request the bonus, you get commission – so it is up to you to write as interesting as possible and to leave the reader of the email practically no other chance than the click.

Free spins without deposit in the casino

Free is always good. If a casino offers no-deposit free spins, you should be on hand as a casino affiliate. Because this topic is very well suited for email marketing and noticeably increases your performance in attracting new customers. Even your existing customers speak to you with free spins without deposit. Tip: Connect this content, for example, with the opening of a new casino, which presents free games for each new sign up with no deposit. Voila – you are already at the center of your email marketing receivers.

How to get profitable email addresses

Of course, the sending of emails requires that you have received the email addresses of potential customers. Here you should absolutely use an email marketing software and choose the Double Opt procedure for the approval to receive the advertising emails. Marketing emails only bring money if you send the mail campaigns to the right recipients. This means that before you start working as a casino affiliate, you will need to target audience research and analyze the needs of potential customers. A profitable email marketing address is the address whose owner gives you the commission you need by clicking.

By sending emails you still do not earn any money because only the CTA is rewarded. You can start the collection of essential addresses in different ways. In addition to the direct request on your GAPVO website, it has proven useful to create the basis for your email marketing via social media and, for example, to motivate your followers to order the newsletter.

Your requirements - you should bring that

In advance: In order to enter your own GAPVO website as a casino affiliate and to achieve a passive income through the action of your customers you do not need a product of your own. Even a separate service is not necessary. Important are only an Internet connection, a PC or notebook as a working device and your penchant for online casinos and casino games. Do you bring these basics, are active in social networks and maybe even know a lot of like-minded people – for example through a Facebook group – is the foundation for your success.

But even if you have nothing to do with marketing or the invitation of other people to an action, you can make your own page with GAPVO, the innovative GAPVO cloud and a marketing mix including email marketing a steep career. In order to address and convince your target group, linguistic versatility and of course your own experience with casino games are an advantage. Even if you do not have to be a player for affiliate marketing in the area of ​​casino – experience pays off and ultimately brings money to your account through the conviction of your customers with valuable content.

Register today at GAPVO and create your own casino website without any programming knowledge! Once you have done that, you can immediately generate passive income and win many new customers with the right email marketing strategy AND bind existing customers. Try it, you will be amazed!

Conclusion | Make Money Online as a Casino Affiliate - Here's how!

You have chosen a business without its own products and services. This means that you do not have to invest money in building a business or even have to pay a shop rent. Email marketing, your GAPVO website and the administration of your affiliate sites, you can everywhere where you are on the Internet and can be active.

You can test your new project with an affiliate casino website at GAPVO for 14 days for free and find out if the business fascinates you and suits you. Let me tell you that earning passive income through customer retention is easy. For example, to turn visitors into customers and retain them you can work with email marketing. Emails are just a valuable strategy in marketing. Since the GAPVO website is easily divisible into social media, you have already laid the foundation for your email marketing.

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