Earn money online and generate residual income – Here’s how!

Are you looking for a way to create a passive additional income without technical know-how?

In a fast growing and innovative market you have very good chances to make money. We are talking about the online entertainment or gaming industry. Many people want to make a profit from this boom, but do not know how and where to start. Some have some experience but no prior technical knowledge to implement it.

If you want to get started right away and create additional income for you, then I recommend you read this article to the end.

First of all, I will show you which 5 points are normally required to start a business in the online casino industry as a partner or affiliate.

First of all, I will show you which 5 points are normally required to start a business in the online casino industry as a partner or affiliate.

After these 5 points, I will explain step by step how my system works. I’ll show you exactly how much time and money you can save when you get started and get started right away.

With my system, you skip many of the time and nerve-wracking phases and go straight to the most important point, making money.

Point 1.

To start your business successfully, you first need a website. Because without it, it won’t work.

Your page should look great and have very good functions and it is even more important that your website looks and works just as well on smartphones and tablets as on a computer.

Point 2.

You should offer current and interesting content on your website, otherwise your visitors will be gone as quickly as they came. I say this again, your content is extremely important!

If you cannot convince with your content, so if you do not manage to keep your visitors on your website for a certain period of time, then you are doomed to fail from the start. If your visitors find your content good, you can build on it and earn money with it.

Point 3.

You can’t make money without a strong partner, that’s a fact. So, the first thing you need is an online casino that your visitors should love.

You have to be absolutely sure that the visitors you forward to this provider will stay there and deposit money. If you are not convinced of the offer yourself, you should under no circumstances send your visitors to this online casino.

Finding good providers is not easy when you are just starting out. There are many factors that are really important for a decision. One of the most important is that you get your commission paid and on time.

Point 4.

So that you can optimize your website and thereby increase your earnings, I recommend using statistics.

On the one hand you increase the user friendliness of your website and on the other hand you increase the effectiveness and thus your commission income. Without measurable values, you quickly lose track and cannot make the right decisions.

Point 5.

Now you’ve invested so much time and money, but haven’t earned a penny yet.

Unfortunately, just building a website is not enough. Without the right marketing of your site you won’t get any visitors and therefore you won’t be able to make any money.

The key word here is online marketing.

There are many ways you can get visitors to your website. I’ve tried many and can tell you the following. Some of them are very effective and some are not. Some cost you a lot of time, money and, above all, nerves, but bring little or nothing.

You have to understand that not every product can be marketed in the same way. I have found the most effective ones for the online casino business.

Another tip from me. Before you have finished with points 1 to 4, you should not start marketing your website!

And if you want to know how you can speed up and simplify your entry many times over, I will tell you my system.

So you can concentrate on the most important things and go straight to generating income, stay tuned!

What is GAPVO?

How about if you could start marketing your website right away?

Now you may be wondering which website and which content?

The solution is the GAPVO cloud service. GAPVO is a turnkey website with everything you need to kick start the online casino industry.

With this website optimized for the casino industry, you skip the months of technical effort and immediately start to build traffic for your site and generate income.

What does the GAPVO cloud service offer and how does it work?
GAPVO is packed with over 500 current casino games from various categories. They are demo games that your visitors can test without time limit.

These games are 1 to 1 like the real money versions. The only difference is that you play with play money. So you can assume that your visitors will not leave your website immediately and enjoy your offer.

You can create your website with just a few clicks and inputs within minutes. Upload the logo, name the page and briefly describe it, that’s it. You will be amazed how easy and quick it is.

You don’t have to worry much about the design and functions. With just a few clicks, you can also choose and adapt your suitable design with your favorite color from many templates.

You can integrate or remove functions for each website template with one click. These are our so-called widgets.

To make money, you should now link online casinos to your website. You can choose one or more from a pre-selected list of over 70 online casinos and become a partner immediately. I also do the preparatory work for you here and provide you with a current list of top online casinos. These are selected providers according to my strict criteria and you can filter them according to your requirements and properties.

You are now done and your website is online. Now you can start marketing your website. I can tell you it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to get started.


Congratulation! Because you have taken the first step. You are now able to generate a passive income without any previous technical knowledge.

As an additional start-up aid, I am now giving you the unique opportunity to test our GAPVO cloud service free of charge for 14 days and thus move on to the second step.