Create your first Website

Here you will learn how to create an affiliate website.​

GAPVO - Dashboard

After registering and confirming your email address, your dashboard will look like this. Now click on “Create Website!” In STEP 2. or left in the menu on “Sites”.

Website Management

Now you are in the website management area. Click on the “Plus Sign” on the right to create a website.

Website Logo

At this point, you should first upload your own website logo.

Your website logo will be shown later at the following location. See above in the screenshot.

Website Name

Enter a name for your website in the “Name” field. Make sure you do not use special characters and the name is not too long.

Your website name will be displayed at the top of the browser and at the bottom of the footer of your website.

Website Subdomain Name

In the “Subdomain” field, enter a name for the GAPVO subdomain. Your website can be accessed later via this subdomain. For example:

Below in the screenshot you can see what it looks like in an internet browser.

Website Social Media

If you want to use social media for your website, you can enter links for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you do not want to do that, you can leave the fields blank.

In the screenshot you can see that your social media links are displayed in the footer of your website.

Website Description

Enter a description for your website in the field “Description”.

In the screenshot you can see where the description of your website is displayed. See screenshot below.

Create your first Website - Video

In addition, you can watch the video to create your first affiliate website.