Add Ad-Banner

Here you will learn how to create an affiliate website.​

GAPVO - Ad-Banner Menu

Click in the left menu to Casinos and then to Casino Banner.

Ad-Banner Menue

Create new Entry

Now click on the plus symbol to create a new ad banner.

Ad-bBanner create New

Setup Ad-Banner Details

The ad banner will open as an active banner. If you want, you can also disable it. First, you should select an online casino from the list for which the ad banner should be. Next, give your ad banner a name. Now click on Upload to insert your ad banner.
In the picture you can see what it looks like…

Ad-Banner Details

If you want, you can add a description to your ad banner. Important is the link which is automatically adopted. This is the link to the landing page where the visitor will be redirected later. This link is taken from your linked online casino.

Now you still have the option to display this ad banner only in countries that you select here. If you do not select anything, the banner will be displayed in each country. To categorize, you can also add a language for your ad banner.

Ad-Banner Details 2

When you’re done with your configuration, click Create below. Your ad banner is now active and will be published immediately on your GAPVO affiliate website. You’re done!