Commission models compared – RevShare, CPA, Hybrid and Sub-Affiliate

It is extremely important for your financial freedom that you don’t give away money. On the contrary, find out how you can increase your income without additional effort!

Be aware of the opportunities you have and maximize your income.

In this article I will show you which options are available to you. Stay tuned!

Which commission models are available to you in the online casino industry?

There are four remuneration models as standard in the online casino industry. Actually there are only three, the third is a combination of the first two.

The RevShare Model

The so-called RevShare model is the most widespread commission model in the online casino industry. RevShare is short for Revenue Share and translates to revenue sharing.

You will be involved in the sales that your customer makes at the provider. This participation is not limited in time at most online casinos.

As a result, you get commissions from the casino for a one-time recommendation and for a lifetime. Again in plain text! Recommend someone to the online casino and receive commission throughout.

Awesome right? And so you can increase your commission income step by step and build up an additional income.

The CPA Model

The CPA model offers you a slightly different way of making money. The abbreviation CPA stands for cost-per-action and means that your recommended customer has to take an action before you earn a commission.

Compared to the RevShare model, there may be no difference up to this point. In contrast to the RevShare model, you only receive a one-time commission with the CPA model.

The CPA model may sound uninteresting at first, but both models have a reason to exist.

And you also ask yourself, what does such an action look like? What does my customer have to do to get a commission?

Most online casinos have a minimum deposit of € 20. As soon as your recommendation has been successfully registered with the provider and the minimum payment has been made, you are entitled to the commission.

The Mybrid Model

As the name Hybrid suggests, the hybrid model stands for a combination of RevShare model and CPA model.

This commission model includes both a one-time payment and a revenue share. Both fall a little less in height than if you choose them directly, but this model also offers advantages.

Sub Affiliate Modell

This model is really very interesting. With this commission model you can build a team and participate from the team members.

That means you’ll find people who do exactly the same thing as you. They do affiliate marketing and you earn extra commissions. These commissions are not deducted from your team members, but there are these payments on top. A win-win situation.

I explain to you how that works in a separate article. Just check my channel.

This commission model includes both a one-time payment and a revenue share. Both fall a little less in height than if you choose them directly, but this model also offers advantages.

The commission models are standard with most providers, but not all or are offered to a limited extent. This means that as a new partner you do not have immediate access to all models.

How much commission do online casinos pay?

I think that’s the part that interests you the most. Here I show you how much commission you can expect from the online casinos. These are average values from providers where I myself am registered and active as a partner.

In addition, I have to say that many providers pay their commissions even after a graduation. These commission scales are determined by the number of customers referred or by sales. That means, the more customers you recommend, the higher you will be classified and your commissions will be accordingly. And the same goes for the sales you make.

The commissions and the graduations that you can find on the websites of the providers are not final numbers. What I mean is that you still have room to negotiate.

But now we come to the facts and figures.

With the RevShare model, you can assume that the revenue shares are between 25% and 50%. Of course, there are also providers who pay more or less.

With the CPA model, there are one-time payments between € 50 and € 200. Here, too, there are online casinos that pay more or less commission.

I don’t think I have to say much about the hybrid model. The commissions are definitely below the percentages and amounts mentioned above. In return, you benefit from both remuneration models.

With the sub-affiliate model, there is usually a 5% to 10% commission. I have rarely seen more in the online casino industry.


You have learned which commission models are available as standard and how much commission online casinos offer to partners. So now you have an overview of which options are given to you to make better decisions.

If you are just starting out, you can now make a much more effective start with this knowledge and start with higher or more appropriate commissions.

However, if you are already active in the gaming industry and have partnerships with online casinos, you should use this information to think through your conditions again.