Casumo Affiliates - Good Opportunities to Make Money!

That speaks for Casumo Affiliates

You are a passionate gambler and you finally want to earn something or are you tired of gambling and looking for a new challenge? Then Casumo Affiliates may be just right for you!

Here you get a good chance and can earn money that you can use later in the casino. However, you do not take any risks. As an affiliate in an online casino, various advantages arise for you. Here you can only win and you should just dare to sign up. Of course you should have a bit more information before signing up and we know that exactly. We can tell you that at Casumo Affiliates you choose a company that advertises with fastest growing.

In addition, it is one of the affiliate programs that are really good. To participate in the Affiliate Program, all you really need to do is register. Of course you have to stick to the contract that is offered to you. But that will be pretty easy for you, if you pay attention to everything you have to pay attention to here. Otherwise, nothing can happen to you. So you see, you get a quick start here and you can only learn if you just dare.

But before that happens, just read on here what we found out about Casumo Affiliates information. With this information, you can then start a lot and you will perform a secure registration. So just keep reading if you want to know more about Casumo Affiliates.

What speaks for Casumo Affiliates

  • You get lifelong income from a successful partnership.
  • There is no transfer of a negative balance in the next month and so you can not lose anything.
  • There is no bundling.
  • Use with the NetRefer software and that should give you enough security.

What speaks against it

  • For players from the US this platform is not suitable.
  • There is no plan for the recruitment of sub-partners.
  • Payments are made in euros only.

Casumo Casino offers you Casumo Affiliates. This means you can register and join directly on the site. The casino is one of the big ones. However, you must know that there is a very good and most pronounced upgrade system. You will continue to receive security from the well-known providers who are represented here.

So you can count on providers like Net Ent, GreenTube or Thunderkick, if you register here. There is also an interesting level system for you. That makes you rise in success. With Casumo Affiliates, you’re not doing anything wrong. Casumo Affiliates is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The Commissions

Casumo Affiliates thrives on partners who join. This means that as a player you can also promote the casino. You earn when someone has signed up and is actively involved as a player. Still, you have to climb up the ladder of success. You should leave nothing to chance and inform you well before you register. The important thing is that the more players you recruit, the better you earn from Casumo Affiliates. You can participate in the revenue (Revenue Share) that the new players bring in.

All players win money at the casino. But it can also be lost. It is important that you take no risk when a player wins or loses. While many other affiliates will deduct your commission and even take you to the next month, this can not happen to you as Casumo Affiliates. Because here negative balances are not taken over in the following month. Also a bundling does not take place, because there is only one casino, for which you become active as an affiliate.

Sub-Affiliate Program

Such a partner program does not exist at Casumo Affiliates. That’s not bad, it’s good for you.

Casumo Affiliates - Payment Methods

Payments are expected after 15 days of a new month. But you have to reach the minimum payout threshold. This is at Casumo Affiliates at 100 euros. These must be exceeded. Before, no money will be paid. If you have not reached that amount then the money will be taken over the next month and you can continue to save. It is good that there are no fees.

The payouts are made only in euros. If you do not live in Europe, then you have to expect fees for the money exchange. There are several payout options like Skrill and bank transfer.


The software is affiliate management and is provided by NetRefer. You can monitor everything and monitor how your commissions grow. In addition, you will find marketing tools in it.

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