Casino Affiliate Programs : Make Money Safely and Easily!

Promote Online Casinos and earn Money
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Promote Online Casinos and earn Money!

Making money online has never been so popular as it is today. Since the structural change in our society, casino affiliate programs play a major role. If you’re ready to sign up for a partner program, here’s how safe and easy it works with GAPVO.

We have compiled a list of online casino affiliate programs that have been selected according to our strict criteria. These are available to you unrestricted in the GAPVO user area.

But first we would like to bring you the basics and other important points a little closer.

Affiliate Programs - The Basic

Affiliate programs have been around for a while. If you know something about the digital marketing industry, you know how it works. When you are new, you should know that you can only be successful in an online gambling affiliate program if you are ready to perform tirelessly.

Online casinos use affiliate programs to grow their business. An online casino pays a affiliate partner a commission only if it receives a player who has visited the online casino through the marketing channels created by the partner.

Different partner programs offer great different commission models for their partners. Some online casinos follow a revenue sharing method whereby they pay the affiliate marketer a percentage of the revenue they make with the online traffic they send.

The other commission model, the fixed commission, is pretty simple. The online casino pays the partner a fixed commission, which takes into account the cost of the customer acquisition, when the player logs in and makes a deposit in the casino.

It’s not hard to understand why online casino affiliate programs have become very popular. They are beneficial for both sides. This is why they are used by all online casinos as marketing tools. A good online casino affiliate program can make the difference between the failure and success of an online casino.

How to choose Casino Affiliate Programs?

If you’re new to online casino affiliate programs, you’ll need to create a system to choose the right high quality and high converting program for your needs. This is critical to ensuring that you actually receive income for the efforts you have made. You have to look at the casino experience and its affiliate program.

With GAPVO you have the advantage that you can already choose from wide range pre-selected casino affiliate programs. That means, they are world class online casinos with whom we have been years of experience or selected reputable providers according to our criteria.

All information about the respective online casino affiliate programs can be found clearly in the GAPVO User Area. So you can compare better and the selection will be easier.

Bundling is not preferable

There is no shortage of online casino affiliate programs in the market. That’s why you should research well and decide on a program afterwards. Take a good look at the structure of the casino affiliate program and do not register immediately.

There are many affiliate programs with several online casino brands. In these, the players you bring with you and all your commission from different brands are put into a bundle.

This can negatively impact your earnings. If you, for example, from online casino X would have earned a commission of $500. And with the online casino Y however a negative amount would have stood. Then the amounts would be charged and the rest would be paid out.

It could also be that the negative commission is greater than the positive commission. Then you would not get paid. Choose a partner program that does not contain a bundling policy.

Stay away from Negative Carryover

You first have to know what a negative carryover is. Let’s say you brought a player to the casino. This plays casino games with 1000 Dollars and loses everything. Suppose you receive  $200 and the online casino $800, subject to the terms and conditions of the affiliate. However, if the player wins big, your affiliate account may have a negative balance.

There are affiliate programs that transfer the negative balance to the following month. This remains until the account balance reaches zero. However, there are other affiliate programs that offer a No Negative Carryover policy. This means that regardless of the negative balance your affiliate account has had in the last month, your balance starts at $0.00 each month.

It’s easy to see who’s the winner here, right?

Suitable Payment Model

Look at the affiliate program and find out which payment method the online casino offers. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either choose an affiliate program that offers a revenue-sharing model or pay a fixed commission. It is also possible to use a hybrid program that includes both commission models.