bet-at-home Affiliates offers advantages and disadvantages!

Start with 50% revenue share or 40% + 10 € CPA

bet-at-home Affiliates describes a affiliate program for a single provider. This circumstance is very good for you. Nevertheless, the partnership offers not only advantages but also disadvantages. So it’s important that you read everything carefully before you finally sign up for bet-at-home affiliates.

The bet-at-home casino is one of the best known in the country. You will be able to make good profits here. But as a bet-at-home affiliate, you can do even more. You no longer have to be logged in as an active member only. At bet-at-home affiliates, you can join the affiliate program to earn money.

In the following section, we have collected all the important facts about bet-at-home affiliates for you. This information will be useful if you really want to log in there. It is also important that you are well advised here, if you should have questions. Do not hesitate to contact the support of bet-at-home affiliates with your concerns. Because only if you get good help, you can also tell others about this casino and benefit from the affiliate program. Read on to find out more about bet-at-home affiliates.

Benefits of this affiliate program

  • There is no bundling. You only work for one casino and can earn money and recruit others.
  • There is an income access software. This is simple and clear. So you do not have to be a professional to participate and benefit from the benefits of a partnership.
  • The payout limit is very low for this provider. We also want to describe this in more detail. So you can stay curious.

Disadvantages of bet-at-home affiliates

  • If one of your advertised members scores too high a profit, that will be counted as negative. This is usually the same in all affiliate partnerships. Nevertheless, the negative balance can also be taken over in the next month and that is rather disadvantageous for you.
  • There is only one single currency allowed. The euro is the only currency in which money is paid out to you. So if you want to withdraw in another currency, you have to pay the exchange fees.

Who is bet-at-home affiliates?

This, as the name implies, is the bet-at-home casino that built this site. This casino enjoys a good reputation. It is especially popular because the mobile games are interesting. In addition, it is so that no players from the United States are allowed. That’s more of a disadvantage. But you should definitely have mentioned it.

Furthermore, this affiliate program is licensed under the legislation of Malta. There are a lot of games in the casino so it is not surprising that you can get good winners with a partnership. In the partnership, you recruit new members.

To the commissions

There is a standardized sales plan. That means it’s easy to keep track of things here. The Affiliate Partnership does not cost you much and you can also participate as an untrained player. If you do not feel like gambling yourself, that’s one way to make money instead of spending it.

Participation will be paid to you in a lump sum. This means that you always get the same commission. Even if you could not recruit many new members who signed up for the casino for a month, your commissions will remain the same. It is important that you can do more. Because if you find many members in a month who also sign up and deposit and are active, you can earn more. Furthermore, you are free to increase your commissions. Then you can discuss a CPA agreement. However, this requires a proper contact. But then you can bargain and find a new plan for you.

Negative balances will be transferred over the next month. If this is the case with you then you can only apply for a payout once you have cleared that balance. Of course, you also have to make a profit, and then these will of course be added up and added together.

Sub-Affiliate Program

You want to get sub-affiliate in the boat? Then you have the one-step program available. This means you get commissions when you have partnered and they also bring in new players.

Payment methods at bet-at-home Affiliates

There are several payment methods to choose from. There are payment methods like Neteller and Skrill but also Visa. From 50 euros credit you can request a payout. If you do not get the amount together, that’s not significant. The credit will be transferred to the next month.


The software is from the Income Access Platform. This is user friendly and easy.

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