The story of GAPVO


My name is Volkan Kirciltepeli and for years I have been running casino affiliate websites. I know how difficult and expensive it is to create your own website and make it so that it looks good and works well. I mostly created my web pages using WordPress. I bought templates and plug-ins and invested a lot of money and time. But now they are all running well and have a good amount of traffic / people visiting them.

At the end of 2016, I started developing software that would make working in the casino affiliate industry easier. It would be a software with which I can create more websites without much technical know-how and effort. Of course, I also wanted to administer and analyze my existing websites.

This led to the creation of GAPVO. A cloud service with which you can create Casino Affiliate Websites with just a few clicks.

The first version, the prototype of GAPVO was completed in March 2017. This ran until 10.10.2018 and was replaced by the second version. This is also the current version.

Since the beginning of this year we are working as a team on the GAPVO project.

Volkan Kirciltepeli
Founder of GAPVO